15 Essential Skills They Don't Teach You In College

Like most of my recent college-grad peers, I often question the structure and value of our University system. Over-priced tuition, books, and living costs are putting college graduates in crippling debt . In a recent article published on Medium, James Altucher highlights the 15 essential skills that aren't taught in college. I included some of my favorite points. You can find the full article by clicking the button below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.56.49 AM.png

A. Networking

A corollary of leadership

B. How to sell

Presentation, vision, motivation, sales.

C. Negotiation

Which means win-win, Not war.

D. The Google Rule

Always send people to the best resource. Even if it’s a competitor. The benefit to you comes back tenfold.

E. The 1% Rule

Every week, try to get better 1% physically, mentally, and emotionally.