Open Letter on April


As I'm sitting here reading "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" by Gary Vaynerchuk, I wanted to sit it down for a minute and just vent.

If I had to put a theme on this last month it would be new. New lifestyle choices, new passions, new job opportunities, new outlooks on life, new relationships..the list goes on. I've become much more in tune with sharing my journey with the world and I'm thankful for every little piece of feedback I've gotten from all of you. From heads-up responses to a broken link in an email (thanks Corin), to the tremendous amount of support and love on my Facebook Live cooking show (Marc, Will, Bryan, Andriana, Mom, Jonny Bananas, Mike, Ena, Selina, Kev, Donna, Janelle, Kristen, Edison, Eric, Pete, Terri, Nooch, Carly, Bova, Big Mike, Jack, Stanley, Andrea, Bova, Khai, Clay, Mark, Devon, Matt, Kerri, Dys, Josie, Efrain, Dad, Kiran, Kirk, Jade, Vinny, Lansdale, Lansdale's Grandma, Paige, FRAANK, Heather, Rachel, Nicky, John, Philly Babes, Marla, Lisa and so many more I didn't mention) guys are inspiring me to do more and I sincerely thank each and every one of you.

I also want to thank Zach and Mikey VB for allowing me to dive head first into the world of photography and drones. You guys are the gatekeepers to my success and I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

Shoutout to The Lab Coffee, ArchiTech, Street Laced, Franklin Manor, UT Lacrosse, Point Blank, RGA, and Emerge for giving me the opportunity to share your businesses, but most importantly thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow within the space of digital media. I'm excited to continue my successes and failures (nobody's perfect) with you as well as others in the pipeline.

And I haven't forgotten about the haters too. Those who doubt my abilities and take advantage of my time and resources. Although you wont get the shoutout, I have nothing but love for you and the lessons I'm learning through your actions. It reminds me of a quote from Machiavelli's, The Prince: "Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge." ...let that one sink in.

I'm learning that self-awareness is the #1 trait that I can focus on to become better. Meditation and yoga have opened my eyes to the powers of self-awareness and through those channels I will continue to train myself to be highly in tune with reality.

April showers bring May flowers and I hope that what started out as a drizzle will yield something beautiful. 

Joe Franzese